RESIDENTS are calling on the county council to repaint road markings outside a Highbridge school in a bid to protect school children.

Motorists say the entrance to The King Alfred School in Burnham Road has become ‘dangerous’ since it was resurfaced by Somerset County Council (SCC) earlier this year.

They claim cars park in front of the school’s entrance as there are no road markings and block access to the crossing and entrance of the school.

Tina Chapman, a resident who lives on Burnham Road opposite the entrance to the school, claims she has contacted Somerset Highways on a number of occasions to get the road markings reinstated but has been told that it could not be done due to a lack of funds.

She said: “The road was surfaced weeks ago and myself and my neighbour have contacted Somerset County Council a few times regarding reinstating the safety markings.

“During my last conversation with Highways I was advised it would not be done due to lack of funds.

“You would think that they would have enough money to finish the job.

“The road is extremely busy and it is essential the safety markings are reinstated to stop parked cars that block visible access to the crossing and entrances of the school and to ensure the safety of King Alfred’s School children.”

Samantha Priestman, a resident who lives just off Burnham Road, said she struggles to see past parked vehicles on the street when leaving her home and she has fears parking on the street will be worse when children go back to school if the road markings are not repainted.

In a bid to get the markings repainted, Tina said she contacted councillors at Burnham and Highbridge Town Council and SCC to complain about the road and said she hopes the markings will be repainted soon.

Tina added: “As a mum of a visually impaired child I know the importance of road safety. I’ve have seen first hand the danger of the road.

“I hope the road markings will be repainted soon as we need to make sure our children are safe.”

A spokesman for SCC said: “The line repainting at this location was delayed because of rain but is planned to be completed before the schools go back.”