SEDGEMOOR SMart Creative People and Places consortium, led by Homes in Sedgemoor, has been successful in its bid to Arts Council England for £1,101,374.

This investment covers the first four years of the ten-year SMart programme vision.

Creative People and Places is about collaboration, and producing exciting arts and culture by, for and with the local community.

Claire Tough, interim CEO at Homes in Sedgemoor, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for Sedgemoor to expand our access to the arts and local culture scene in ways that can surprise and delight us all.

“An important first step is for more people to not only enjoy the arts in Sedgemoor but to take a lead role in shaping this and engaging with us over the next ten years.

We want to build on our collective strengths as a consortium, to form new long-term partnerships with local communities, businesse and charities to achieve exciting creative work.”