TAUNTON'S NHS Trust will not be continuing its contract which shares patient records with Google.

Somerset and Taunton NHS Trust entered into a five-year agreement in 2017 with DeepMind Technologies, which was used to develop the Streams app.

The app alerts doctors and nurses when patients are at risk of acute kidney injury, and conducts research.

The Financial Times reported five NHS trusts had signed partnerships with Google, including Somerset and Taunton NHS Trust.

It was also reported DeepMind would be absorbed by the newly former Google Health unit.

Yeovil District Hospital NHS Trust also had a contract with DeepMind, but decided not to sign the contract with Google

Somerset and Taunton NHS Trust signed the deal with Google, but will not be using the Streams app any more.

The Trust has reiterated it is not currently working on any projects with Google at the moment and no patient data has been held by DeepMind.

David Shannon, director of strategic development at Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, said: “In 2017, Musgrove Park Hospital entered a five year agreement with supplier, DeepMind Technologies, to develop digital solutions for clinicians to use. An app was piloted in 2018 but to date not progressed.

"As such, DeepMind holds no patient data from Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

“We have two years remaining of this contract and, after careful consideration, we have now transferred or ‘novated’ our agreements from DeepMind Technologies to Google Health UK.”