'IT is traffic chaos, the heavy goods vehicles are making the road dangerous.'

Those are the words of Lockyer Close resident Jordan Saxon, who claims construction vehicles used by workers at the Morland Co-op site are causing traffic chaos for residents as they are being parked along Morland Road and Tanning Drive.

The new Morlands Co-op store in Highbridge is being built on land which was previously occupied by the former Morlands Industrial Park and will have 15 car parking spaces and a one bedroom flat.

Jordan said lorries frequently block the entrance into Tanning Drive and the ongoing traffic issues are having a big effect on residents who live along Lockyer Close, Tanning Drive and Morland Road.

She said: "Vehicles from the site seem to park all along the road so you can’t see if there is any traffic coming from any direction.

"I’ve almost hit another car because neither of us could see each other. Lorries are constantly blocking the street so no one can come up Tanning Drive.

"It’s horrible to come out around school times. You just have no hope of getting anywhere.

"When you say something to the workers you just get looked at as if you're an alien. I get they have a job to do, but surely the safety of the people around is also important."

Jordan said the traffic problems are making it difficult for her to get her disabled wife to hospital appointments and it is having a big effect on her family.

She said: "My wife is disabled and we have a baby on the way so we are constantly trying to get to appointments.

"She has curvature of the spine and has to go to appointments for an operation on her back.

"She also has major anxiety and agoraphobia, so me getting her out the house for her appointments is a massive thing.

"It’s just a nightmare for her anxiety everything has to be done in a certain order and when things gets disrupted it sends her into a meltdown basically.

"When she can’t see a way out of our road because of being blocked off she finds that is difficult and I have to talk about random things with her

"I just want them to hurry up and get it done. I don’t know how it’s going to help in the long run, there is now always going to be a problem in pulling out of Morland Road, with vehicles pulling in and out for the Co-op.

"I don’t see the sense in it being in there, we have Asda two minutes down the road and also the Morland road shop which I regularly use.

"I just don’t think another shop is needed in the area. The traffic is a big deal, we feel it’s just going to get worse once the Co-op is finished with people coming and going"

A spokesman for Radstock Co-op, said: "To date, the Society has not been made aware of the congestion concerns as reported by Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News.

"In support of the local residents, the Society has taken appropriate action to engage with the developer, we trust that this will help reduce the number of vehicles in and around the immediate area.

"We are committed to working positively for the benefit of the local community."