FIREFIGHTERS are urging residents to 'be considerate' when parking outside their homes after concerns were raised about cars parked in a Highbridge street.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said there has been a rise in the number of incidents involving inconsiderate parking in Somerset and firefighters have taken to social media to try to make it clear that bad parking could endanger lives.

Firefighters from Burnham-on-Sea Fire Station posted an image on social media they were sent by a concerned member of the public on Sunday (October 13) which showed cars parked on both sides of Alstone Road leaving a narrow gap.

The post said: "Please please can we all think about how we park and how we or any of the other emergency services would get to your house if you were in need. Thank you."

The fire service said it is becoming 'increasingly concerned' that fire crews could be seriously delayed getting to an emergency incident because of inconsiderate parking and urged motorists to 'think' before they park.

A spokesperson for the fire service, said: “We have noticed that an increasing number of homeowners want to park their vehicles directly outside their properties without considering that access may be required for fire appliances in an emergency.

“Some of the streets are narrow even without parked cars. Obviously, the size of our vehicle being what it is, we need slightly more room to manoeuvre than a car.

"It is an on-going problem which occurs all over the service area and there have been occasions when bad parking has delayed fire engines from reaching serious incidents.

"Every second counts when the emergency services are responding to an incident. When people are parking outside their home we would ask them to consider whether a fire engine or ambulance would be able to get their house in an emergency."

The fire service said it is an offence to obstruct emergency vehicles and fire crews are legally permitted to forcibly remove vehicles causing an obstruction with 'urgency, proportionate to the seriousness of the emergency they are attending.'

The service is asking people when parking their vehicle to:

• Park close to the kerb

• Leave enough space for a fire engine or an ambulance to pass

• Leave extra room near tight corners

• Fold in your wing mirror

Scores of people hit out at motorists who parked their cars along the street on social media and said they were 'inconsiderate' and their poor parking could cause 'serious delays' for emergency vehicles.

One user said: "Shocking, unfortunately so many homes have insufficient parking spaces but still no excuse for bad parking like this."

Another user said: "Need to be towed away, arrogant ,inconsiderate people, they could cause serious delays to emergency vehicles and threat to life and limb."

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