A POPULAR land yachting club left devastated after a storm destroyed its clubhouse has opened a new facility for members.

Brean Land Yachting Club’s wooden clubhouse was blown apart after winds reaching speeds of up to 70mph from Storm Hannah battered Somerset in April.

The club was unable to do any land yachting for five months following the incident but on Saturday (October 12) members celebrated as the club’s new clubhouse and storage area was opened.

Derek George, chairman of Brean Land Yachting Club, said he is ‘delighted’ the club’s new facility is up and running but after the storm he had fears it would be the end for the club.

“We are absolutely delighted that the clubhouse has reopened this brand new facility which can be used by our community,” he said.

“After the storm we went through the insurance company and they agreed to pay out so we just went through the process of ordering a new clubhouse and storage unit and rebuilt from there.

“We opened the new facility on Saturday and everyone was really positive and pleased that we have reopened.

“It was great to have so many people supporting us.

“We never thought it would reopen, we thought it would be the end of the club but we managed to get things together and open a new clubhouse.”

Derek said the club has started doing land yachting on the beach again and they are looking forward to welcoming new members to the club in the future.

He said the club aims to ‘make the most’ of the new facility and ensure it is used by members and residents.

Derek added: “We want this to be a place that the locals can come and sit down and have a coffee as well as a place people can come and try out a new sport.

“For our members it is a great new facility which they can use to enjoy land yachting and catch up with friends.

“We want to get more local people coming down to join us and make this more of a community facility and get some new people involved in land yachting.

“It is a fantastic sport which we would love to get more people involved in.”

For more information about land yachting or joining the club call 01278 752749 or visit breanlandyachtclub.weebly.com.