A WEST Huntspill mother has transformed her home into a spooky graveyard for Halloween to raise money for charity.

Chantelle Sear worked for eight days to turn the front garden of her Ringstone home into a spooky graveyard complete with gravestones, flying skeletons, dead bodies and a spooky selfie booth.

The mother of two said she was inspired to decorate her home to raise money for West Huntspill Primary School and the National Autistic Society, two charities which are close to her heart.

Chantelle said: “We like to raise money for the National Autistic Society when we can as it is a charity which is important to us.

“Both of our children also go to West Huntspill Primary School and I am part of the Parent Teacher Association which helps to fund and put on activities for kids at the school so it is great to raise money for them.

“Quite a few people have stopped by and given us donations, we have a donation box outside the house so anyone can come and pop a donation in the box.

“We have had a really positive response from people, everyone has been so nice about the decorations.

“We have advertised the event on Facebook to let people know that they can pop down for Hallowe’en and we will have pick and mix sweet bags for any children that come and visit.”

Chantelle said the display has raised £50 for the charities so far but she hopes to raise £100.

She added: “It took us eight days to put the display up and this year we bought a large animatronic from a Halloween shop in Yeovil to really make the display come to life.

“We have had quite a few children come and try out the spooky selfie booth and we have had lots of positive comments from visitors about the display.

“So far we have raised £50 but it would be great to raise £100.

“The display has been up for about ten days and we hope to see more people here on Hallowe’en.”

If you would like to visit the display its at 115 Ringstone in West Huntspill.