A PUB has been left smoke damaged after a chimney fire in Brent Knoll.

The fire service was called at 9.31pm on Wednesday (November 20) to reports of a chimney fire at the Fox & Goose Pub.

One fire engine from Burnham-on-Sea was sent to the scene.

On arrival crews confirmed that the chimney was well alight and they believed it has broken through the chimney breast and into the property.

A second fire engine from Burnham-on-Sea was requested to attend by firefighters as the fire had breached the chimney breast in the upstairs bedroom of the property.

Crews used small tools to cut away boarding which was covering an unused fire place to expose the fire behind and put the fire out.

Further boarding was also removed to ensure the fire was completely extinguished.

Firefighters used one hose reel jet, one safety jet, Sundstrom Masks, two thermal imaging cameras to put out the fire and a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear the property of smoke.

The room sustained 30 per cent smoke damage and the area where the fire occurred was 100 per cent damaged by fire.

Suitable advice was given and duty of care left with the occupiers.