RESIDENTS have hit out at after homeowners in Burnham-on-Sea's Trinity Close announced they will not be putting on a charity lights display this year.

The decision was taken after members of Sedgemoor Safety Advisory Group (SAG) said they would not support residents using yellow traffic cones in Trinity Close this year unless residents took liability for any accidents caused by their use.

In a letter to their neighbours on Wednesday (November 20), residents in Trinity Close said they will not be hosting the annual lights display for charity after SAG said that holding a charity collection at the display means it will be categorised by the council as 'an event' which could lead to insurance consequences.

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Since the story broke on Wednesday a number of residents have expressed their anger at the news on the Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News' Facebook page.

But the council said they have not advised residents to change the display or stop collecting money for charity.

Jules Major said: "Something else totally ruined by red tape, block the road off and people can walk round and park somewhere else.

"I drove down there every year and never had any problems drive safely what is the problem. Kids love it adults love it why ruin it."

Trevor Difford said: "That’s shocking ..all this red tape and for charity too."

Steph Taylor said: "It’s disgusting how they are being treated. It’s for charity and it’s a lovely sight.

"Shame the pencil pushers get to make the decision and just bloody Scrooge’s. How about do something to help them instead of hindering them."

Sally Gilroy said: "As I said previously I hope this is implemented with every house that has charity boxes and puts on social media to visit, it's unfair targeting Trinity. Charity doesn't start at home anymore."

But some people have defended the council's position and said proper insurances need to be in place to ensure the event is safe.

Pip Jayne said: "At the end of the day the council just want to ensure the appropriate insurances are taken out in case there is an accident.

"Everyone would be quick enough to judge and comment is someone got injured or even worse killed.

"People drive like idiots along Berrow Road, it’s obviously most popular at night when the visibility is poor and there are lots of families around.

" I think it is an amazing thing what these local residents do every single year. However, it has become so popular that it needs to be managed.

"It would have been nice if the support was there from highways and the council to assist with parking measures even if money was no longer collected for any charities. I’m surprised this has been done sooner to be honest."

Since its inception nearly two decades ago, the annual Trinity Close Christmas lights display has helped to raise more than £109,000 for local charities.

A spokesperson for Somerset County Council and Sedgemoor District Council, said: "We’ve always been pleased to support the residents of Trinity Close with their fantastic Christmas display and worked with them last year to implement permanent traffic orders to help improve the parking situation.  

“As the display has grown in popularity we have provided advice through the Sedgemoor Safety Advisory Group to ensure they are aware of all aspects of running a safe event, not only for themselves but for all the spectators.

“We would like to make it clear we have not advised the residents to change the display or to stop collecting money for charity. The advice given to them was a reminder that that anyone putting out traffic cones in the road needs to be accredited for their own safety. There are many options for this, including using accredited volunteers who would be pleased to support a popular charity event.

“This advice is well intended and we are happy to work with the organisers to support their plans for the future.”