WE watched all the epic shots of Jupiter back in 2018. Many questions arose to why it was bright blue and seemed so close? It seemed insane against where it was meant to be.

But if you questioned the Standard Model it’s akin to being a climate change denier. The science of building nuclear reactors on fault lines and tsunami hot spots in the name of stopping the carbon dioxide spewing from the massive spike in volcanoes and earthquakes.

The science of blindly sweeping Chernobyl and Fukushima that both occurred on the days of massive earthquakes when Earth was close to none other than Jupiter/s moons. Is our current science questionable?

We could not believe when Galileo saw Jupiter and its moons back in 1613 but the tsunami that struck Bristol and the Somerset Levels actually occurred on the 20th January 1606. The last big passage when Earth was ascending Jupiter, was again on 20th January 1939, when Carlos Ferrada predicted the Chilean earthquake and flyby where thousands perished.

The next passage is again around 20/25 January 2020 as Jupiter now ascends Earth.

This is the time Humanity votes for its Gods.