MORE funding is being poured into a scheme to tackle dog fouling in Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge.

Earlier this year Burnham and Highbridge Town Council installed seven dog poo bag dispensers at key spots around the two towns after being inspired by the actions of 10-year-old Ivy Meager.

Ivy, who is from Burnham, made homemade dog poo bag dispensers out of recycled plastic bottles and put them along streets in the town after being upset by the amount of dog poo around Burnham.

At a meeting on Monday (November 18) councillors agreed to continue to provide bags for the dispensers each week and said that the usage would be monitored over the coming year.

A total of £344.63 has been spent on 10,400 bags by the council since the scheme was introduced in July.

Councillor Phil Harvey, who initially suggested the scheme to the town council after hearing about Ivy's efforts, said he is pleased the council has decided to continue funding the project.

He said: "We funded the project originally for six months and now we have run out of bags.

"We wanted to continue and wanted to buy more bags as we have certainly seen that people have been picking up the bags we have provided.

"We also have anecdotal evidence that they have been used.

"It is always nice when young people get involved, the power of youth is underestimated.

"Maybe after Greta Thunberg's rise more young people will be inspired to have a voice."