A SWAN has been returned home in time for Christmas thanks to the quick actions of volunteers from a rescue charity.

Rescue workers from Secret World Wildlife Rescue were called to Berrow at 11.30pm on Bonfire Night (November 5) by Laura Young who said she was concerned for a swan’s welfare after seeing it trapped in a hedge on her journey in and out of work.

Pauline Kidner, founder of the East Huntspill based wildlife rescue charity, picked up the call and rushed to Berrow with her husband Derek to go and help the swan.

The pair took a cage, secateurs and a blanket with them as Pauline thought they would have to cut the hedge to release the swan.

But when they arrived they discovered that the swan’s body was stuck in compacted earth and all they could see was its head and neck.

Pauline called her son, Simon, for help and he brought a spade and a fork to dig the swan out.

After lots of careful digging the team discovered the swan was stuck in a pipe and eventually managed to pull it out.

Speaking about the rescue Pauline said: “In 30 years of rehab, I have never seen an incident like this one. I just couldn’t see how it had got itself in that position.

“Once Simon arrived and looked around the area, we realised that there was a deep rhine the other side of the hedge with a drainage pipe that should have taken excess water from the road into the rhine.

“Something had frightened the swan up inside the pipe, but the end of the pipe on the road was filled with earth so as it had pushed further and further in it was only able to get its head and neck out.

“Digging very carefully, we were able to eventually pull the swan out of the pipe.

“It was very dirty and due to the time cramped inside the pipe, it was unable to stand.

“When we took the swan back to Secret World it was left quietly under a heat lamp to recover from its ordeal.”

Pauline said it took the swan, which is named Sydney, two days to be able to stand but he is recovering well.

“He has been seen by the vet and is on a course of pain relief for his wounds and swellings from the compression of being in the pipe,” Pauline added.

“Sydney has recovered well and has returned home in time for Christmas.

“Hopefully he will find a partner ready for the spring.”