A VIRAL challenge which only women can complete is leaving men baffled.

The 'chair challenge' has gained notoriety on TikTok as couples post hilarious videos showing their results.

The challenge was proved by Krystyna Sorrentino and her fiancé Devin, who shared a video of their results on TikTok this week.

To perform the challenge, you must stand directly facing a wall, as close to it as possible, and take a few paces back.

You then have to place a chair in front of you and bend over it so your body is at a 90-degree angle.

With your head pressed against the wall, slide a chair between the wall and your legs.

Then, attempt to pull it flat against your body and stand up without moving your feet.

Women seem to complete the challenge with ease but men get stuck in the position and are unable to stand upright.

Our County Gazette reporters Alice Simmons and Phil Hill took a break from the busy election period to put the challenge to the test.

Alice managed to stand up while Phil was stuck in the position and unable to stand upright. 

Can you complete the 'chair challenge?'

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