A WOMAN has warned others to be vigilant after she claims a man attempted to chase her as she walked to a shop in Highbridge.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was walking down Church Street on her way to a shop at around 10.25pm on New Year's Day when she was approached by a man who started to shout at her and follow her.

"I carried on walking and he started walking towards me," she said.

"I started running and he started to chase me. I panicked and was looking for the closest place to run in the distance.

"I could see Yummies Pizza and I ran there and he disappeared. I waited there a few minutes before heading home."

The woman claims she walked a different way home to try and lose the man but when she walked around a corner on her route she saw the man stood in an alleyway.

She claims the man started chasing her again and was close to catching her but she managed to get away.

"I ran so fast and luckily enough the downstairs door to our property was open," she said.

"I ran straight in and locked it behind me. The relief was unreal. I was so shaken up and still am to be honest.

"I'm actually afraid to go back out again to be honest but feel lucky that I got away and nothing actually physical happened."

The woman claims about half an hour after she arrived home she saw the man standing outside her house with another man.

She said the pair started to throw stones at her windows and shout at her.

The woman said she reported the incident to the police and would urge people who are out walking late at night to always keep their phones on them.

"Walk where others are likely to be. Walk along the roadway rather than walking through alleyways," she said.

"It is better to be in lit up places than dark ones."

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police, said no criminal offences had been committed and officers have given the woman personal safety advice.

"We had a report that a woman was on her way to a convenience shop in Church Street, Highbridge at about 10.30pm on New Years's Day," the spokesperson said.

"She passed a man who was stood in an alleyway who shouted at her and then began following her for a short while.

"She arrived home at about 10.45pm and at 11.45pm the same man - together with another man - began throwing stones at her home and shouting.

"No criminal offences have been committed.

"We have taken a statement from the woman and provided personal safety advice."