A KITE surfer was rescued by the RNLI after they got into difficulty while surfing near Brean Down.

Burnham-on-Sea RNLI, Weston-super-Mare RNLI and Burnham Coastguard were called to the beach at around 9.20am on Sunday (January 26) following reports of a distressed kite surfer.

Burnham RNLI volunteers were taking part in their weekly Sunday training when they were diverted to the incident by Milford Haven Coastguard Control.

The crew of the Atlantic 85 lifeboat Doris Day and Brian set off to the edge of Brean Down.

When they arrived at the scene they spotted a large kite in the sea approximately a half mile south of the down and around 300 to 400 metres from the beach.

Burnham-on Sea RNLI helmsman Scot Rundle said: "We were diverted to the casualty area South of Brean Down and on spotting the kite immediately checked to see if the surfer had become trapped in the kite’s cordage.

"Thankfully this was not the case and the Weston lifeboat which had reached the scene at more or less the same time located the casualty and took him on board.

"The decision was taken for the Weston crew to deliver the casualty and kite to the shore as the Atlantic 75 has a shallower draft than the 85 with less chance of running aground."

The surfer was checked over and taken to Brean Beach where he was met by members of Burnham Coastguard.

A spokesperson for Burnham-on Sea Lifeboat station added: "This was an excellent demonstration of cooperation and team working between flank stations and the Coastguard.

"We understand that the casualty was, other than being somewhat cold, found to be fit and well."

A spokesperson for Burnham Coastguard praised the RNLI for their quick actions to rescue the surfer and urged visitors to 'plan ahead' and check tide times and conditions before going to the beach.

"We arrived at Brean Beach where the kite surfer had been picked up by the lifeboat crews, returned to the shore and was warming up in his vehicle before packing his equipment up for the journey home," the Coastguard spokesperson said.

"He was suitably kitted out for the day but was still a little cold and tired from fighting the tide.

"We ensured he was ok and didn't need any medical assistance but he was fine and eager to get home.

"He was a little shocked by how fast his situation came about and said he was grateful to see the lifeboats arrive to help.

"Well done to the person on the beach who called it in as the situation was becoming worse by the minute.

"If you are taking part in any water activities then please plan ahead, check tide times and conditions before you leave and always ensure you have adequate clothing and means of communication should you need it."