A FIVE-year-old girl has performed a cover of a popular song to honour the hard work of NHS workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Scarlett Newitt from Brent Knoll released a cover of ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical, Annie, last week to spread hope and good wishes to NHS workers.

The five-year-old, who attends Brent Knoll School, started singing in September last year and was inspired to perform the song by her mum, Paige, who is a carer.

Siobhan Johnson, Scarlett’s singing teacher, said: “Scarlett started private singing lessons with me last September and has never stopped singing since.

“Her face to face singing lessons obviously stopped once the lockdown was enforced but she desperately wanted to continue with them on a weekly basis from home via video call in addition to her weekly on line school work.

“Her mum said that nothing would ever stop Scarlett from singing including a national lock down.

“She chose ‘Tomorrow’ as it is one of her favourite songs she has been learning in her lessons and especially as it is a song of hope.

“She also wanted to sing it for her mum who is a carer and all the other carers and NHS staff to say a big thank you.

“They have been doing fantastic work to keep everyone safe and Scarlett really wanted to thank them.”

Siobhan said Scarlett dressed up as a nurse to perform the song as a further tribute to frontline workers and the talented girl’s song has already recieved a positive response online.

“Singing and music plays such an important part in bringing joy and happiness into people’s lives and even more so and important in these difficult and unprecedented times,” Siobhan said.

“Scarlett loves to sing and perform and is such a bundle of joy.

“Her wanting to keep up with her weekly lessons, which stopped with the lock down, shows how much singing means to her and her dedication to keep singing makes me a very proud teacher.

“Nothing will stop her from singing. It’s lovely to see.”

Residents across Somerset have also been paying tribute to NHS workers by joining in with the nationwide Clap for Carers on Thursday (April 2).

To see Scarlett’s video visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwqOfg48wRg.