‘THE road needs to be resurfaced, it’s dangerous for cyclists.’

Those are the words of Linda Sadler who is calling on Somerset County Council to resurface a stretch of Berrow Road in Burnham-on-Sea.

Linda, who lives along the street, said parts of the road are ‘bad condition’ and she thinks the council should have resurfaced the road during lockdown while there was less traffic on the roads.

“The road has needed to be resurfaced for quite some time,” Linda said.

“The council has come and patched up potholes in the past but they have only done one at a time and then left the rest of them which is annoying for those of us who live there.

“The road is in really bad condition in places and it is dangerous for cyclists.

“I really think that the council should have sent some people out to resurface the road during lockdown.

“It would make so much sense because there would be fewer cars on the roads. The workers could socially distance and get the works done quickly and efficiently.

“I don’t understand why they haven’t done it.

“The road is especially bad from the Applegreen Garage up towards Berrow, it’s uneven and definitely needs some work.

“I hope that the council will resurface the road soon.”

A Somerset County Council spokesperson said the council has limited resources during the Covid-19 crisis and they plan to resurface the road later this year.

“Throughout the current crisis our crews have been working flat-out to carry out urgent repairs and will continue to do so alongside regular maintenance,” the spokesperson said.

“Berrow Road is scheduled for resurfacing for this year as part of our ongoing programme.

“We are continually reviewing this to manage delivery of schemes during the current Covid-19 crisis, taking into account opportunities to undertake works on the quieter network.

“However, we are still limited to the available resources at hand with emergency works having to take priority.

“It is not possible to deliver the programme in a condensed time frame.”