IT WAS a busy day for Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard as they were called to multiple incidents along the Somerset coast.

The Coastguard were initially called at 2.14pm on May 20 to a small group of people who were a long way out in the mud attempting to reach the water.

Fortunately the group had returned to a safer part of the beach and made their way off but they quick sweep of the beach with binoculars to ensure no one was left out there before heading out.

The team then headed off to Brean for what they thought was a quick safety patrol but they were alerted to a family perched on the edge of Brean Down with a toddler wandering around.

The Coastguard rushed to meet the family and said they were 'relieved' to see the family leaving the area.

"We can't stress how dangerous this was and the consequences that could've come with it," a spokesperson for the Coastguard said.

The team gave the family some safety advice before spotting a group of people heading into the water with an inflatable boat.

They were also called by the Coastguard ops room about concerns for someone swimming a long way out further along the coast.

Luckily the swimmer made their way back to safety and the Coastguard then headed off back along the beach to a father and son who were struggling in quite deep mud.

The Coastguard issued more safety advice and then left to respond to multiple reports of two people in the water by Burnham Jetty.

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The father and son got caught in the water after attempting to wash themselves down.

A spokesperson for the Coastguard, said the family were 'lucky' to escape unscathed and praised the 'amazing' people on the beach who helped them.

"A father and daughter had got caught in the water after attempting to wash themselves down," the spokesperson said.

"A member of public rushed into the water and pulled the small child out and the dad was struggling to make any headway against the current and was washing out into the tide.

"More members of the public had also rushed into action grabbing the life rings which are situated at the top of the jetty and they managed to throw them to the man who was by now tired and losing the battle against the current.

"With a phenomenal group effort all persons were saved from what was a life-threatening situation.