A WOMAN has been creating a series of amazing body art designs to beat the boredom - including a tribute to Sir David Attenborough.

Devvon Wilsher-Day, 23, only discovered she had the talent during the coronavirus pandemic - previously thinking makeup was limited to eyeliner and foundation.

She now regularly spends up to seven hours a day creating the incredible paintings - and has been bombarded with requests from new fans.

Devvon, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, posts all of her finished pieces on Instagram.

Examples include scenes from her favourite films including 'Up', 'Shrek' and 'Finding Nemo'.

She painted the impressive tribute to her hero Sir David Attenborough after being inspired by the BBC programme 'Glow Up'.

Devvon, a brand manager, said: "It wasn't something I knew I could do before lockdown!

"I started posting a few things and my friends were really encouraging.

"It can take a really long time sometimes - up to seven hours sometimes. I sit there and paint backwards in the mirror.

"But I get lost in it. I really enjoy it. There's a whole side of makeup I didn't know existed."

Devvon has already seen an increase in her social media following since posting pictures of the body paintings.

She said: "People have been really supportive. I've gained quite a few followers. I didn't have many before!

"I've done it to put a smile on people's faces. I'm trying to keep spirits up.

"People have been messaging in requests, like their favourite films. It's really exciting.

"I've now got a really long list of designs I need to be doing - probably about 30 or 40. Someone has requested I do Gemma Collins!"

'Glow Up', aired on BBC Three, sees ten aspiring makeup artists compete to be named Britain's next star.

It was after watching this that Devvon decided to have a go - eventually painting her hero Sir David Attenborough.

She said: "I've always been fascinated by him - I think he's incredible. To be doing what he's doing, at his age! He's an amazing man.

"I've always watched everything he does."

You can find Devvon on Instagram @devvonwd.