SEVERAL people were rescued after bravely jumping into the sea to save a child at the end of Burnham-on-Sea Jetty. 

Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard and Burnham RNLI were called at around 12.30pm on Sunday (May 31) to reports of people struggling in the water off the town jetty.

A child had fallen off the side of the jetty and people had jumped in to rescue them.

A spokesperson for the Coastguard said the child was lucky to escape unscathed and praised the 'amazing' people on the beach who helped them.

"Two people who had been enjoying the beach were quick to react and one of them grabbed the life ring at the top of the jetty and was able to throw it to the people who were then pulled back into safety," a Coastguard spokesperson said.

"One of the two helpful beachgoers is a Coastguard team members wife and she instantly called 999 to report what was happening and gave real-time information.

"As quickly as it happened it was also finished and all persons were back to safe standing and accounted for.

"Without the quick thinking of others, this was could've been a completely different story.

"We send massive thanks to the people who took such positive action to ensure those in the water were saved, by throwing in the ring and staying on dry land you were able to save lives without endangering your own."

"By dialling 999 and asking for the Coastguards, you initiated a response of emergency personnel.

"By not panicking you carried out a rescue quickly and safely and should both be very proud of actions."

The Coastguard said it will now be directing its patrol around the jetty area to keep people safe and urged people to abide by Government guidelines if they visit the coast.

"Incidents like this are why we believe education to not only locals but all the people who live inland and have no experience of the beach or awareness of the dangers of the water.," the spokesperson added. 

"It's not about who should or shouldn't be visiting, or how many signs are up. Signs are there and Government guidelines are in place.

"We are here to help keep people safe while at the coast and part of this is to get our message out far and wide.

"Let's focus on doing that with a positive attitude and working together."