BECAUSE I have been listed as high risk for the coronavirus, due to having a transplant, my garden was unable to be attended to.

The grass and weeds were a few feet high.

Being disabled, in my 80s, I was unable to push my trolley to walk to the washing line because the grass was so long.

My gardener, who I've had for almost seven years, said it was too much for him to do.

I was very concerned other gardeners would feel the same.

On receiving several letters from the NHS Helpline offering help in many things, I telephoned them.

They were very helpful and arranged help for me.

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I was astonished at what a wonderful job they did. Not just the grass, but they also cleared the weeds from the garden, paths, patio.

I cannot thank them enough.

The Helpline also arranged for my hearing aid batteries to be sent to me by post, as the Audiology department was closed to the public.

I am sure I am just one of a large number that have received help and would like to send their thanks too.

Thank you.