A WOMAN was rescued by the Coastguard after she got tangled up with a dog on Berrow Beach and injured her hip. 

Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard were called at 11.58am on Saturday (July 11) to medi-vac a person on Berrow Beach.

A couple was walking back to their car after enjoying a walk on the beach when a woman got tangled up with a dog that had gone over to her to say hello.

The woman fell to the floor and injured her hip.

Volunteers from Burnham Coastguard went to the scene and one of their team members approached the woman to fit her with one to protect them from Covid-19.

A spokesperson for Burnham Coastguard, said: "We always have a strange belief that the sand is going to be soft but the reality is it is extremely hard and falls of this kind are responsible for a large number of injuries along our coastline.

"Our team member continued to assess the lady while we liaised with our Coastguard Operations Centre (CGOC) in Milford Haven who were in close contact with the Ambulance Control room and organising an ambulance to our location.

"We created a windbreak utilising the vehicle and our stretchers, although the day has been quite warm when you are laid still on the sand with an injury the body can struggle to cope with everything going on.

"Our team member continued with his monitoring and before we knew it our Ambulance colleagues arrived, scooped her up and whisked her away to hospital where we hope she makes a speedy recovery and can be back enjoying the beautiful beach.

"Thanks also to the family who gave their towels up to support the lady while we were being tasked, they were very useful in keeping her as comfortable as she could be.

"The beach was very busy and the tide is outgoing so we hope everyone continues to enjoy the beach without trying to reach the water as the mud is now exposed and there is a good chance you will become stuck.

"If there is any emergency along the coast, always dial 999 immediately, we are ready to respond and every second can count. Stay safe."