A CONTROVERSIAL decision to sell off a publicly owned field in Highbridge to make way for 110 homes will be reconsidered by the district council later this month.

In February developer Coln Residential won outline planning permission to build 110 homes, a play area and a fitness trail on land between Lakeside and Isleport despite more than 140 objections from residents.

Last month Sedgemoor District Council's (SDC) Executive met and approved the plans to sell the land but a few weeks later Liberal Democrat councillors from SDC 'called in' the Executive's decision to sell the land and a meeting was held to discuss the plans again.

At a meeting on Monday (July 13) SDC's Scrutiny Committee reviewed the decision by the Executive to dispose of the land and members of the public were able to raise their concerns to the committee.

The committee unanimously voted to send the plans back to the Executive to be reconsidered.

A meeting will be held on July 22 via Skype for Business to deal with the Corporate Scrutiny Committee's six points.

The reasons provided for the call-in are:

- The decision to sell this land acquired for Public Open Space and the failure to bring forward any such use over 20 years.

- The decision to sell green space in the Highbridge area which is deficient in this locality.

- The threat to the biodiversity of this site during a climate change crisis.

- The allocation of the S106 monies towards this site being transferred to the developer.

-The desirability of keeping open space for the health and wellbeing of local residents.

- Was sufficient weight given to the public consultation in making this decision?

A spokesperson for Sedgemoor District Council, said: "The public and press are welcome to listen in to the meeting.

"They can also speak at the meeting in line with the normal requirements for council meetings, which permits one person to speak in support and one against any item of business on the agenda.

"This is limited to 3 minutes per speaker. If you wish to register to speak at the meeting please contact Democratic Services to register.

"The public and press will be able to listen to the meeting, but you will need to pre-register with the Democratic Services Team and provide a telephone number so they can invite you to join the virtual meeting. Please email democratic.services@sedgemoor.gov.uk or telephone 0300 303 7800

"All public meetings will be recorded and the recording of the meeting will be available to view via the Council’s website or on the Council’s YouTube Channel, normally within 2 days of the meeting."