THE layout of the temporary pedestrianisation of Burnham-on-Sea High Street has been altered on safety grounds.

A section of High Street between College Street and Cross Street was pedestrianised on Monday (July 27) and is therefore now closed to traffic, creating a continuous pedestrian zone on the High street between Regent Street and Adam Street.

The southern end of the open High Street will remain unchanged.

A spokesperson for Burnham and Highbridge Town Council, said: “When the revised system was implemented on July 20 the town council resolved to work with Somerset County Council to keep the scheme under review to ensure it meets safety standards and the needs of the town.

“This monitoring heard concerns about the road safety of the closures, which alternated closed and opened sections of High Street.

“It has been shown that, despite signage, pedestrians found the revised system confusing and were walking in the open section of High Street, with traffic.

“These concerns have been shared with Somerset County Council, the responsible body, which has taken the decision to close the section of High Street between College Street and Cross Street, subsequently making College Street West one-way to vehicles in the direction of the sea front.

“Somerset County Council has stated to the town council that it will continue to monitor the scheme and will consider any feedback requiring further adjustment/adaption. The town council will continue to seek and provide feedback to assist that assessment.”

But Tony Lynham, a resident who was against the pedestrianisation being relaxed, said he is unhappy that the temporary pedestrianisation is getting changed again.

“The relaxation of the temporary pedestrianisation was an absolute shambles and it is the same this time around,” Mr Lynham said.

“It is not safe in town, people have no idea where to go and are just walking around and are not social distancing.

“Have the council got no common sense? The council is fragmented and they don’t know what they are doing.”