THIS stunning photo shows the moment a damselfly hitched a ride on the back of a water snake - as it glided through perfectly still blue water.

The small water snake barely broke the surface of the lake as its head and the top of its body poked above the water whilst it swam along - making it seem as if it was floating in mid-air.

And the reptile seemed unfazed when the colourful damselfly hovered down and landed on its back to enjoy the ride for a few seconds.

Photography enthusiast Honour Greenslade, 54, was on-hand with her camera and had been watching the snake glide through the lake and was able to capture the fleeting moment.

Honour, from Burnham-on-Sea  had been enjoying a daily lockdown walk along the Somerset Levels when she spotted the unlikely pairing.

She said: "It was a brilliant, bright day, really clear.

"I had been watching the snake glide along the water, when all of a sudden the damselfly landed on its back.

"It could only have been sitting there for a few seconds, before the snake reached the edge of the water and disappeared among the reeds, and the damselfly flew off.

"It was like a little hitchhiker," she added.