THERE has been a sharp rise in new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Somerset in the latest 24-hour figures.

A total of 13 new positive tests for the virus were recorded in the period to 5pm yesterday (Sunday), according to Government statistics.

Of those, nine were in South Somerset alone. There were also two positive cases in both Mendip and Somerset West and Taunton.

No new confirmed cases were reported in Sedgemoor.

It means there have now been a total of 1,418 positive Covid-19 tests in the county council area.

The steady rise in cases in recent weeks is worrying, but is in line with the national picture, although it should be remembered that with increased testing there are bound to be more cases detected.

The district totals now stand at Mendip 167; Sedgemoor 415; Somerset West & Taunton 467; and South Somerset 369.