A GIRL was rescued from the sea by the Coastguard after getting stuck in mud on Brean Beach.

Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard were called at 11.55am on Sunday (September 14) to reports of a person stuck in the mud Brean Beach.

A family was enjoying their day on the long stretches of sand when they hit a soft patch.

One of the group became stuck and was unable to free herself from the clutches of the mud.

Local food traders and the Brean Beach warden were quick to raise the alarm as the tide was turning and beginning to approach the young lady at some speed.

A spokesperson for the Coastguard, said: “Our team were soon leaving the station and making our way through the traffic while our flank team from Weston-super-Mare Coastguard Rescue Team were also tasked to provide assistance.

“Our friends from BARB Search & Rescue were tasked and launched from Burnham Beach and flew along the tideline to our location in Brean Beach.

“As we arrived on-scene we could see that the person was stuck but not in too much danger at that time but the tide as ever was racing towards her.

“We quickly set up two mud rescue technicians complete with rescue sleds and equipment which took less than five minutes and they set off towards the stuck young lady.

“By this time the tide had advanced to a point where the sleds were no longer needed so after detaching from them they continued onwards to carry out what we term as a snatch rescue while the Weston Team set about providing safety cover with lifejackets and throwlines and we had the BARB Hovercraft at the ready in case it was needed in a hurry.”

The tide continued to rise and the Coastguard’s mud technicians had to work quickly to dig the woman out.

Luckily after a lot of hard work the Coastguard managed to free the girl and return her to the shore safely.

“What started out as routine walk out and walk them back incident turned into a dynamic ever-changing plan that required strong teamwork and fast working,” a Coastguard spokesperson said.

“This goes to show how quickly our plans can change and how we need to be able to adapt to the ever-changing situation around us.

“This family’s day changed quickly after getting caught out by a really soft sticky patch of mud, we have seen time and again this year how much the beaches are changing every day with some really random soft patches appearing in different places after each tide.

“Without people calling it in we wouldn’t be there to help so keep up the good work and let’s keep spreading our safety message.”