BURNHAM-ON-SEA Coastguard were called to help in the search for a missing person. 

The Coastguard were called at 1.07am on Tuesday (September 15) to help the police and Weston-super-Mare Coastguard search for the missing person on Weston beach. 

When the team arrived Weston Coastguard had already deployed two search teams to head in different directions along the beach. 

The Coastguard were told to search the boatyard on Weston beach by foot and then head back towards the Grand Pier. 

The team used torches to search for any signs of the missing person and kept a steady pace along the beach.

Later on that morning the Coastguard received an update over the radio to say that police had found the missing person in another location away from the beach and they could stand down.

A spokesperson for Burnham Coastguard, said: "The Burnham Coastguard vehicle diverted away from its search course to pick up the team members who were on foot and after a quick socially distanced de-brief with the Weston Coastguard Team we headed off back into the night and back to our station.

"The night wasn't finished there though as we still had to hang the wet kit from the previous job back up to dry, this included 100 metres of rope, drysuits, and other various essential items that we need.

"We eventually left the station and arrived home not much before four in the morning.

"A quick power nap before the working day started so there are a few tired faces wandering around today

"When a person is missing it is vital to have lots of areas covered quickly so although the person wasn't found in our location it was still the right thing to have us out and searching.

"If you see anyone in danger along the coast then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards, it could save someone's life."