FLIGHTS out of a busy city airport suffered “disruption” after World War Two TORPEDOES were found on a beach under the flight path.

An eagle-eyed member of the public alerted authorities after spotting the explosive devices at low tide near Weston-super-Mare on Saturday (September 19.)

The Royal Navy’s bomb squad was immediately called in, but, with the tide on the turn, a decision was taken to return the following day.

This meant a 1.5km exclusion zone on both the ground and in the air had to be set up for safety - affecting nearby Bristol Airport.

A controlled explosion was then carried out on Sunday (September 20), which revealed that the two anti-submarine torpedoes were ‘test’ devices. It is thought that flights out of the airport were affected for around 45 minutes.

A spokesperson for Weston-super-Mare Coastguard Rescue Team said: “We would like to thank all involved.”