A WOMAN who went for a three-day break at Brean Pontins claims she was forced to clean her chalet because it was ‘disgusting, filthy and dusty’, despite signs on her door saying it had been sanitised.

According to Hannah Skillern, the room at the Pontins Brean Sands resort, near Burnham-on-Sea, was beset with a number of horrors including mould, stains, sticky floors, dust and an awful smell.

The 34-year-old, who suffers from an autoimmune disease, drove for one and a half hours with her partner and another couple from Worcester to enjoy a three-night stay at the resort but said her holiday started badly when she saw a man complaining about the state of his chalet to staff at reception.

“We had to upgrade our room as initially they put four people in a room with two single beds,” Hannah said.

“When we arrived at reception a guy stood next to us was complaining to staff about the state of his chalet. He said he had walked into his room and found there were used condoms in there and it was not clean despite there being a sticker on the door saying it had been santised.

“I was horrified. When I went to the desk and spoke to the woman to get our keys I told her that I hoped our room would be clean and she responded by saying ‘well we have 350 rooms and have only had 15 complaints, so I will take that.’

“I couldn’t believe it, she was really rude to me when I asked her about the cleanliness of the room and I complained about her.

“I suffer from systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune condition where the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue.

“As a result, I have been on dialysis for a number of years as my kidneys don’t work properly. Any infection can make me really sick or even kill me, so I was really disappointed at their attitude.”

But Hannah said things only got worse when she entered her room and she was confronted with dust, mould and grime.

“When we walked into the room we could not believe the state it was in,” Hannah added.

“The floor, which was lino, was sticky, there was dust everywhere, the bed was really old and had springs sticking out and there was a rip in the sofa.

“The light fixtures were covered in dust, as was the TV unit and it was clear that the windows had not been cleaned.

“When I went into the kitchen there was mould in the bin. It was disgraceful, terrible and disgusting. I wouldn’t even let my dog poo in there.”

Hannah said she didn’t have any faith in the staff after her experience when she arrived so went to a local shop and bought a mop, a bucket and cleaning products and cleaned the chalet herself.

“When you go on holiday you expect your room to be clean but it was not the case here,” Hannah added.

“I had to spend my holiday money to buy cleaning stuff just so I could get my chalet clean enough for us to stay in.

“I don’t get to go away much because of my SLE and I was really disappointed with it all.

“We stayed for the full three days but we had to clean it ourselves.

“The facilities were not much better and so we didn’t use them much. It needs to be shut down.”

Following her visit Hannah reported Pontins Brean Sands to Trading Standards and has contacted Pontins for a refund but has not received a response.

The Weekly News contacted Trading Standards and Pontins Brean Sands for comment.