A GLANCE at the 'Conservative Home' website tells you all you need to know about how the die-hard Johnson loyalists view his willingness to break a legally binding Withdrawal Agreement (WA) with the EU.

There are two options for loyal Boris fans.

One is to claim that Johnson didn't know what he was signing because treacherous anti-British senior civil servants lied to him. So he did not know that if the UK chose to leave the Single Market and the Customs Union, the necessary border customs checks between Ireland and the UK would move from the land border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland (Mrs May's deal) to the sea dividing Ireland from Britain (Boris Johnson's Deal), even though the rest of us had read it in the papers and seen it on TV News.

As soon as he found out a few months later, Johnson realised this would split up the UK and reneged on the Deal he had signed.

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The other option is to claim that Johnson had a “cunning plan”. He knew all along that his Deal was terrible. That's why he signed it, told us he had a great “oven-ready” Deal that would “Get Brexit Done” and won the Election on this promise.

Then he waited for nine months, pretending to negotiate, then repudiated the Deal, knowing this would lead to the UK leaving the EU with no Trade Deal or Withdrawal Agreement.

This is exactly what Johnson and the British People wanted all along! Anyone who thinks otherwise must be anti-British. Brilliant! A really cunning plan.

And if this means a 'hard border' between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, no Trade Deal with the USA and other nations failing to trust us – all coinciding with a worsening Covid situation? So what – we're British, we don't need anyone else.

No wonder so many Tory MPs are condemning Johnson's threats to break International law and ruin Britain's economy.

Any comments, Ms Pow?

Personally, I'd rather watch Blackadder. Baldric's cunning plans have a much better chance of success than Johnson's.