A BURNHAM cat burglar has caused a bit of a stir - after stealing a pillowcase!

The feline thief - named Maggie - returned to its town home this week with a pink, heart-shaped pillowcase.

Owner, Jen Parr, posted an appeal on Facebook to reunite the owner with the item after discovering the swag.

"If there is anyone in the Ham Lane/Adam Street area who has had a pinky/red v-shaped pillowcover go missing, my cat stole it," she wrote.

"Hard to believe I know, which is why I attach a photo to show my cat in action.

"I apologise profusely, message me and I can let you know where we are to retrieve your item."

Maggie was caught in the act on CCTV and Jen now hopes - after reviewing the footage - to reunite the freshly-washed pillowcase to its rightful owner.