NEW railings have been installed in a Burnham-on-Sea car park in a bid to stop 'boy racers doing handbrake turns and doughnuts'.

People driving in an anti-social manner has been a problem at the site when night falls for some time, with a vehicle seized by police in January after a late-night patrol by officers at the Pier Street Car Park.

Now, Sedgemoor District Council has taken steps to further curb the problem - by installing barriers across the open space in a bid to stop drivers being able to easily manoeuvre in the area.

The wooden barricades stretch along almost the entire width of the car park in various spots.

And a Sedgemoor District Council spokesperson said it was hoped the installation would stop the dangerous driving.

"In ‘normal’ times, it’s a well used car park for pubs and restaurants in the evenings and also during the day it is used as a coach park," they said.

"The recently installed low railings are to try and stop the ‘boy racers’ doing handbrake turns and doughnuts in the car park.

"It is a long standing problem, as people gather together in the car park and play loud music etc near houses."

The spokesperson said the solution was the result of talks between the council's community safety team and police in a bid to tackle the problem of anti-social behaviour, while still allowing the regular use of the car park.