A GROUP of volunteers who helped during the Somerset floods in 2014 and lorry drivers in Kent are now helping flood victims hit by Storm Bella.

Members of Khalsa Aid International dished out 1,000 pizzas and 1,500 bowls of curry and pasta to lorry drivers in the days running up to Christmas.

But within hours of leaving the M20 at 8pm on Christmas Day they got a call from flood-ravaged Bedfordshire - and set off on Boxing Day.

They sourced four tonnes of sand and set about filling and distributing 1,000 sandbags by the end of the day.

Indy Narwal, a senior volunteer at Slough-based Khalsa Aid, said: “We’re all about being there when help is needed, which is now.

“Sikhs are very giving people, and after such a bad year, we want to do all we can to help. If they need more help in the future, we’ll be back.”

Between Monday (December 21) and Christmas Day the team sourced and provided meals for the hundreds of lorries stranded in Kent.

Indy, 31, described 12-hour days handing out Dominos pizza and hot meals provided by local temple Guru Nanak Barbar in Kent.

"A hot meal goes a long way when you’re feeling stranded and lonely - and I hope we lifted the spirits of the lorry drivers," he said.

But no sooner had they arrived home on Christmas Day they were already gearing up for their next mission.

By 2pm on Boxing Day, a team of 12 volunteers had filled 1,000 sandbags and they worked until 8pm that night to distribute them.

Indy said: “We’ve helped out with floods before, such as in Somerset in 2014, so we knew what we needed to do, and just got stuck in.

“That’s what we’re all about - being there when help is needed, even in the wind and rain.

“After such a bad year, we want to do all we can to help.”