AN extremely rare black fox which once escaped onto the streets of Manchester has again gone on the run - bringing traffic to a standstill in Somerset.

Wilf made headlines in 2017 when he was spotted on the loose in Sale, Greater Manchester, where he was being kept as a domestic pet.

He now lives at Animal Farm Adventure Park in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, where he absconded on December 27.

A queue of cars built up in the nearby village of Brean as motorists pulled over to take in the unusual sight.

Experts estimate that around 0.1 per cent of foxes in Britain are melanistic (black), which is the opposite of albinism.

Black foxes are thought to be a North American type of red fox, with the added trait which changes their fur colour.

Wilf is now safely back in the care of keeper Krystal Finch, who says he "loves an adventure".

She told the BBC: "He does love an adventure - we were pre-warned that whatever you do, he will find a way."

Karm Singh was driving home from a walk on Sunday when he noticed that traffic had stopped up ahead of him.

He said he slowed down to take a look at what was causing the hold up - and had "no idea" what he was looking at.

Karm said: "The car in front of us had stopped - it had been stopped for a while. Traffic was building up.

"We saw what looked like a stray dog walking in the road. But I noticed what looked like a fluffy feather duster tail - and realised it was a fox.

"It stopped and crouched down, then just carried on. I Googled it after and was amazed. [Black foxes] are extremely rare."

Karm and his partner managed to take several photos and some video while their car was stopped.

He then decided to let the group Black Foxes UK know about the sighting and posted about it on social media.

Karm added: "Apparently it belongs to an animal park and has been returned, according to Twitter."

Wilf has lived at Animal Farm Adventure Park for eight months, having been transferred from a previous home in Manchester - where he developed his taste for freedom.