THERE are a total of 65 sites in the Sedgemoor district that police use to site mobile speed cameras.

Police have no fixed speed camera sites and no cameras on traffic lights in the district.

Mobile enforcement vehicles can park anywhere within a 2km length site so may not be parked in the same location every time.

There are also four fixed cameras at these locations:

A361 Fore Street, Othery

A38 Bridgwater Road, Cross

A38 Bristol Road, Rooksbridge

A39 Bath Road, nr jct B3141 Woolavington Hill, Bawdrip

Below is the list of locations where police site their mobile speed detection equipment in Sedgemoor.

A361 Greinton Site: 2054

A361 Main Road, East Lyng Site: 2057

A361 Othery, Somerset Site: 7057

A361 Taunton Road, Pedwell Site: 2026

A370 Lympsham Site: 2251

A370 Weston Road, East Brent (nr entrance to The Elms) Site: 2075

A371 Cheddar Road, Axbridge Bypass (layby nr Cheshire Home) Site: 2046

A371 Draycott Road, Cheddar (entrance to Cheddar Football Club) Site: 234

A371 Draycott Road, Cheddar (outside Nyland Manor) Site: 235

A371, Axbridge (outside The Old Station House) Site: 2081

A372 Main Road, Westonzoyland (opp Townsend) Site: 2061

A372 Westonzoyland Road, nr M5, Bridgwater Site: 2083

A38 Dunball Site: 6078

A38 Lower Weare Site: 2275

A38 Rooksbridge Site: 2246

A38 Taunton Road, Bridgwater Site: 7053

A38 Taunton Road, North Petherton Site: 2056

A38 Turnpike Road, Lower Weare (jct Notting Hill Way) Site: 2059

A38 West Huntspill Site: 2272

A38, Star (layby at junction of Broadway and Shipham Lane) Site: 2232

A39 Ashcott, Somerset Site: 7058

A39 Bath Rd, Bridgwater Site: 7046

A39 Cannington By-Pass Site: 2282

A39 Quantock Rd Site: 2277

A39, nr Main Road roundabout, Cannington Site: 2084

B3135 The Barrows junction near Barrows Croft Site: 187

B3139 Blackford Site: 2053

B3139 Blackford Road, nr Wedmore First School, Wedmore Site: 2030

B3139 Mark Causeway Site: 2052

B3139 Mark Causeway Site: 2055

B3139 Watchfield Site: 2239

B3139 Watchfield Site: 2247

B3139 Wells Road, Theale Site: 3300

B3140 Berrow Road, Burnham-on-Sea (nr 97 Berrow Road) Site: 2047

B3141 Church Road, East Huntspill Site: 2051

B3151 Cheddar Road, Wedmore Site: 7063

B3339 Wembdon Hill, Bridgwater Site: 2085

B3339 Wembdon Rise, Bridgwater Site: 2063

Burtle Road, Burtle Site: 2041

Burtle Road, Burtle Site: 2042

Church Road, East Huntspill Site: 2285

Coast Road, Berrow Site: 2269

Cuck Hill, Shipham Site: 2082

Dunwear Lane, Bridgwater (nr Folletts Farm) Site: 2029

Durleigh Road, Bridgwater Site: 2058

Enmore Road, Enmore Site: 2259

Enmore Road, Lower Enmore Site: 2255

Enmore, nr Enmore Primary School Site: 2067

Frank Foley Parkway, Burnham on Sea Site: 2257

High Street, Spaxton (opp primary school) Site: 2066

Homberg Way, NDR, Bridgwater Site: 2280

Homberg Way, NDR, Bridgwater Site: 2271

Jubilee Road, Axbridge Site: 4112

Love Lane, Burnham On Sea Site: 2043

Main Road, Cannington Site: 2262

Marine Drive, Burnham on Sea > Highbridge Site: 2024

Marine Drive, Burnham on Sea > Seafront Site: 2025

Mark Road, Burtle Site: 2274

Middle Road, Cossington Site: 2087

Notting Hill Way, Weare Site: 2086

Rodway, Cannington (College entrance layby) Site: 2060

Station Road, Burtle Site: 2270

Turnpike Road, Shipham Site: 2039

Turnpike Road, Shipham Site: 2044

Upper New Road, Cheddar Site: 2263