GARDEN centre retailer Dobbies has unveiled that lavender was the most popular plant of 2020 at its Shepton Mallet store, with alpines set to be popular this year.

The store also noted that blue was the most popular plant colour last year, while the trend for houseplant foliage and orchids is set to continue as customers purchase greenery for their homes.

The news comes as Dobbies unveils its spring advertising campaign.

As people across the country begin to prep their outdoor spaces for the warmer months ahead, 'Springtime with Dobbies' brings to life the positive feeling you get at home and in your outdoor space while gardening.

With the popularity of gardening booming in 2020 and reports of three million new gardeners across the UK, Dobbies’ new campaign highlights the impact gardening can have on your wellbeing, no matter the size of your indoor or outdoor gardening space.

Graeme Jenkins, Dobbies chief executive, said: “With our spring advertising campaign, we’ve aimed to capture the way gardening and plants can enhance our mood and wellbeing - from the shopping experience at our stores, such as Shepton Mallet, to getting your gardening products home and using them to enhance whatever space you have.

"With the arrival of spring, we wanted to showcase the fun and vibrancy of the changing seasons.

“Lavender was popular in 2020 and alpines are predicted to be popular in Shepton Mallet this year.

"The Dobbies’ team is here to help people across region have success with their gardens.”