A WARNING has been issued to dog owners after six people were fined £100 for not picking up dog poo and ignoring banned area signs.

Sedgemoor District Council (SDC) are reminding dog walkers there is a year-round dog ban on Burnham-on-Sea beach between the jetty and the pavilion.

There is signage explaining this is an offence, and owners could be fined £100.

"Outdoor areas are for everyone to enjoy, so please use them responsibly and consider other beach users," said a spokesperson for SDC.

"Sedgemoor’s dog warden service are stepping up patrols in hot spots and will continue to undertake random patrols on beaches.

"They will issue fixed penalty notices to anyone contravening the regulations, so pick up the poo rather than a fine."

The council have also said other areas in which dogs are banned will come into force at the end of April, so make sure you check the signs.

The six offenders were given Fixed Penalty Notices, which are £100, but are reduced to £75 if paid within 10 days.