THIS large piece of piping washed up on Berrow Beach has been put to good use.

Sedgemoor District Council’s Clean Surroundings Team came to the rescue when the extremely heavy piping appeared on the beach.

The Friends of Berrow Beach got in touch with the council as they were worried it could cause serious injury if it accidentally rolled onto an unsuspecting toddler or child.

Young beachgoers enjoying the beach and sunshine had already been spotted playing on and in it.

Additionally, it could have gone back out to sea in the forecast high tides over the next week or so and would haver become a serious floating hazard for small boat or jet skiers.

The Clean Surroundings Team cut the pipe into two and removed it.

It is now in its new home, providing some new play equipment for the animals in nearby Animal Farm Adventure Park - who were more than happy to recycle it.