VOLUNTEERS rescued a couple after their jetski became disabled and was drifting out towards the sea.

Burnham-on-Sea RNLI members were called to the incident at 4.20pm on Monday (July 19), the hottest day of the year.

There were reports that the jetski was at risk of being carried out to sea as it drifted at the north end of Stert Island.

Burnham-on-Sea D Class lifeboat Burnham Reach was quickly transported to the beach, and launched.

The casualty was easily located in the reported area.

The jetski rider and a passenger - a man and a woman - were rescued and the jetski was towed back to Burnham beach for recovery.

D Class helm Tim Walters said: "Apparently, they ran aground and the engine stalled.

"Being unable to restart it, they risked being carried out to sea. They were very pleased to see us."