AS it is International Women’s Day today we caught up with the captain of the Bridgwater United Women’s Football team to speak to her about the importance of growth in the women’s game.

Leah Burridge has been playing football since she was four-years-old and said that times have changed since she first started.

“When I first began playing, I was the only girl in my village at the local football club, and I had to play on a boys team if I wanted a game.

“Now that has all changed and at Bridgwater United in particular there are so many girls playing football at all ages, which is great to see.”

Leah said that as a youngster it was important for her to have role models to whom she looked up to in the women’s game and such she and her teammates now repay that to young Bridgwater players.

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News:

“We have so many strong role models in our squad, all of us go out of our way to interact with the youngsters to be someone they can look up to.

“Honestly, at Bridgwater we feel empowered to be around so many female footballers in Somerset, it is so nice to know that at the club women’s football is of utmost importance.”

On a Tuesday and Thursday night at Bridgwater United, if you go down to the club you will see hundreds of girls and women training.

Leah said that it is so good to see more and more women in Somerset getting involved in football.

“As captain I am proud and motivated to help grow women’s football in our area by inspiring younger woman in our community to get involved.

“So when you get down to training on a Tuesday and Thursday it is amazing to see so many girls and women down there.

Leah finished by saying: “I don’t feel like there needs to be a day like IWD to highlight the importance of women and women’s sport.

“However, it is important that we keep sharing successes of the women’s game to inspire more to utilise the great opportunities and experiences that can come from playing football.”