YOUR pets really are the cat's whiskers.

Five feline friends feature in our weekly selection of readers adored animals.

They include a 19-year-old who is deaf and blind but very vocal and a cuddly cat who likes to spy on birds and squirrels.

The common theme seems to be relaxation for these Hampshire moggies!

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We love giving a platform to your pets, be it feathered or furred, slimy or scaly, weird or wonderful, great or small.

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Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News:

BEAUTIFUL rescue cat Simba from Eastleigh is deaf, blind and very vocal! The Perisan cross has reached the ripe old age of 19!

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News:

POSING is never too much trouble for gorgeous Maine Coon Bruce, a rescue from Cats Protection who otherwise likes to take life at a very relaxed pace. 

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News:

WALLE the tabby is snug as a bug in a rug in this picture. He's a cuddly cat who loves to watch birds and squirrels out of the window. 

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News:

LOTUS the Siamese cross has a cute personality and gives great cuddles so she's always forgiven for doing anything she's not supposed to! 

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News:

BELLE is one cute kitty. She is very playful and loving and even licks the noses of those she loves!