THE Liberal Democrats have become the largest party in Burnham and Highbridge Town Council for the first time since 1999. 

People across Somerset went to the polls on Thursday, May 5 to elect representatives to the county's new unitary authority and, in some places, their town and parish councils. 

The Liberal Democrats took overall control of the new Somerset Council by securing 61 seats in the local elections – five more than were required for a majority.

The Lib Dems also had a successful campaign in Burnham and Highbridge, where they won nine of the town council's 18 seats.

The Conservatives have seven seats, while Labour and an independent each have one seat.

Two wards were uncontested because the same number of candidates ran as there were seats available.

Burnham and Highbridge Town Council election results by ward

Burnham Central (three seats)

Sharon Perry (Liberal Democrats), 479 votes - ELECTED

Alasdair Elrick (Liberal Democrats), 438 votes - ELECTED

Ganesh Gudka (Liberal Democrats), 398 votes - ELECTED

Nick Tolley (Conservative), 375 votes

David John Flurry (Conservative), 333 votes

TURNOUT: 40.34 per cent

Burnham North (six seats)

Mike Murphy (Liberal Democrats) 1,060 votes - ELECTED

Peter Laurence Clayton (Conservative), 998 votes - ELECTED

Lesley Millard (Liberal Democrats), 976 votes - ELECTED

Julie Helen Flurry (Conservative), 915 votes - ELECTED

Michael James Facey (Conservative), 875 votes - ELECTED

Alan Matthews (Conservative), 873 votes - ELECTED

Kathy Jones (Conservative), 837 votes 

Paul Francis Mills (Conservative), 810 votes

Claire Louise Aprees (Independent), 599 votes

Jonathan Paul Walter (Independent), 573 votes

Oliver Toby Theodore Hulme (Independent), 571 votes

TURNOUT: 40.34 per cent

Burnham South (three seats)

Paul John Wynn (Conservative), 393 votes - ELECTED

Sue Barber (Conservative), 336 votes - ELECTED

Ross Baker (Liberal Democrat), 325 votes - ELECTED

Alistair Frank Hendry (Conservative), 313 votes

TURNOUT: 32.76 per cent

Burnham Marine (one seat, uncontested)

Catherine Michele Searing (Conservative) - DULY ELECTED

This ward was uncontested because there was only one candidate. 

Highbridge ward (five seats, uncontested)

Roger Charles Keen, Independent - DULY ELECTED

Benjamin Winston Metcalfe, Labour - DULY ELECTED

Andrew John Crandon Morgan, Liberal Democrats - DULY ELECTED

Barbara Anne Vickers, Liberal Democrats - DULY ELECTED

James Spences Charles Warren, Liberal Democrats - DULY ELECTED

This ward was uncontested because there were only five candidates.

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News: The local elections were held on Thursday, May 5. Picture: Andrew Matthews, PA WireThe local elections were held on Thursday, May 5. Picture: Andrew Matthews, PA Wire

Burnham Without Parish Council uncontested seats

Burnham Without Parish Council, which covers an area to the east of Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge including Watchfield and Edithmead, had four councillors duly elected in uncontested seats.

Three seats are vacant in the parish council. 

Brue (two seats)

Stephen Robert Ester - DULY ELECTED

Maureen Felicity Phillips - DULY ELECTED

Edithmead (two seats)

Marcello Claudio Dimascio - DULY ELECTED


Marine (three seats)

Karen Downward - DULY ELECTED