AN elderly Highbridge man forced to live a lie for 60 years has finally tracked down his long-lost son - through Facebook.

Oz Crandon, 83, drew a blank in his search for the son he was banned from admitting was his - until now.

Adrian Linton was the product of an affair between Oz and Jean Linton, the wife of Oz's friend Ron, who was away with the Army at the time.

Jean always denied Oz was the father until shortly before her death in May.

Before then Oz's wife Elaine had traced Oz's daughter, Emma Linton, to tell her who her real father was.

Ron, who lives in South Africa, and Emma, of Brighton, have since met Oz in Highbridge to make up for lost time.

After the emotional get together this week, Oz said: "It's marvellous.

"It was very difficult not knowing about him all these years.

"I couldn't find him. I'm very grateful to Elaine for helping.

"I love him to bits. I just hugged him so much when I saw him."

Oz and Adrian, 62, have been through old photo albums to fill in some of the gaps in their lives.

Emma revealed Adrian never got on with Ron Linton, who he was believed was his real father.

"I think Ron knew. He wasn't nice to my dad growing up, so dad left home at 15," said Emma.

"I previously travelled to see Oz after learning he was my grandfather.

"As soon as I saw him I knew it was true. He's an older version of my father.

"I went through with DNA testing so my father could see it in black and white."

Emma is angry her late grandmother Jean hid the facts from the rest of her family.

She added: "She died before my dad could come to England and have her explain properly what had happened.

"I was angry my gran felt it was OK to keep something so massive from us.

"The worst part is she kept in touch with Oz after my dad was born.

"They pretended he was dad's godfather. She told Oz she would break all contact if he ever told anyone he was dad's real father."

When Oz became seriously ill some time ago, his wife Elaine decided to try a long shot to track down Adrian.

Emma said: "Oz said all he wanted was for his son to know who his real father was.

"Elaine traced me on Facebook and contacted me to say, 'Oz isn't your dad's godfather - he's his father'.

"I was living in South Wales at the time, so I hopped on a train to Highbridge.

"He just looked like my dad and both of them are loving, caring and emotional.

"I absolutely love my newfound grandfather. He stole my heart."