A VOLUNTEER lifeboat crew rescued a teenager stranded in the River Brue at the weekend.

The RNLI crew were called to the emergency in Burnham's D class lifeboat Burnham Reach at 8.39pm on Saturday (September 30).

There was a short delay while the floodgates at the top of Burnham jetty were unlocked after they had been closed by the Environment Agency as a precaution because of a forecasted high 12-metre tide.


Once in the water, the volunteer lifeboat crew set off for the River Brue at a safe speed in the darkness.

A spokesperson said: "On entering the Brue, a thorough search was conducted on both sides of the river, towards Highbridge.

"The casualty was located on the bank near to the Apex Park.

"He had been aiding the search by showing a light from his mobile phone.

"The crew soon ascertained that he was who they were looking for, brought him onto the lifeboat , dressed him with a casualty lifejacket, and took him to the sailing club beach head."

Once landed safely he was given a brief check-over and pronounced none the worse for wear from his ordeal.

Lifeboat helmsman Marc Smith said: "Apparently the casualty was walking along the river bank, when he suddenly realised he was on a bank surrounded by water and reeds.

"As it was dark, and not knowing which direction was safe - the high tide had caught him unawares -  he sensibly called home for assistance.

"His mother also sensibly immediately called 999 for the Coastguard, who called the RNLI.’"

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