BURNHAM-ON-SEA residents were shocked to look up at the night sky and see what appeared to be stars systematically shuffling into a line on Sunday, October 22.

Many locals speculated the possibility of a meteor shower, or even a UFO, but perhaps unfortunately to some, there was a very reasonable explanation for the sighting. 

The row of moving lights were actually Starlink satellites operated by Elon Musk's Space X company.

Starlink has around 5,000 satellites stationed in outer space around planet Earth

The technology is being used as part of a UK Government trial to connect rural homes and isolated areas to better internet service.

The satellites can move to form a constellation and beam down a broadband signal to earth.

Companies P&O Cruises and Cunard are currently using Starlink to improve internet connection aboard their ships.

Starlink will be available on several Cunard ships by the end of 2023, including their newest, Queen Anne, which will launch with the service in May next year.

This video submitted by Kieran Tanner shows the moment the satellites moved into formation over Burnham-on-Sea.