THROUGHOUT the years, there have been many weird and wonderful things found on Weston's seafront.

This includes everything from marine life to rocks that have a strange resemblance to a fantasy villain.


Here's some of the things that have been found washed up on or near Weston's coastline


2011 - Shark

Onlookers were shocked when they discovered a dangerous sea creature washed up on Weston's beach. 

In 2011, Arcade worker Neil Duckett spotted what was believed to be a starry smoothhound shark on the beach and pulled the 4ft-long creature onto the north deck of the Grand Pier.

On closer inspection onlookers found it was dead.

2017 - Venomous Portuguese man o’war

In September 2017, a venomous Portuguese man o’war was found washed up on Weston's beach.

Julian Goldsworth was walking along the beach with his granddaughter Amelia when they came across the stranded sea creature.

Speaking at the time, Mr Goldsworth said: “We were walking towards the Tropicana when we spotted it. It was about two and a half inches long and was blue.

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News: The creature was venomous.The creature was venomous. (Image: NQ archives)

“I dug a trench using my hands, let it fill with water and lifted it from its ballooned head.”

2019 - Porpoise

In 2019, a dead porpoise with multiple injuries was found washed up on Brean beach.

Marine mammal medics from Burnham Area Rescue Boat (BARB) were called to Brean beach on September 5 of that year to a report of a porpoise washed up on the shore.

When the crew arrived on the scene they found a young male porpoise which had suffered several injuries including severe damage to its head and dorsal fin.

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News: The porpoise washed up on Brean beach had died of multiple injuries.The porpoise washed up on Brean beach had died of multiple injuries. (Image: BARB)

2019 - Dolphin

Also in 2019, a six-foot-long common dolphin was found stranded in Sandy Bay near Weston.

Coastguards from Weston attended the scene along with the Burnham Area Rescue Boat's (BARB) fully trained marine mammal medics and British Divers Marine Life Rescue, who specialise in marine strandings.

Speaking at the time, BARB spokesperson Mark Newman said: “It had initially been showing signs of life, with air being blown through its blowhole, but sadly it was declared deceased during the incident.

"A sad ending for such a wonderful creature."

The body, estimated to be around 200kg, was taken off the beach for formal logging.

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News: The six-foot long dolphin was found stranded.The six-foot long dolphin was found stranded. (Image: BARB)

2023 - Prosthetic leg

In 2023, the prosthetic leg of a former sailor was found washed up on Sandy Bay.

The leg had belong to Michael Harris, who had asked his family to put his leg in the sea and track it to an exotic destination after he passed away. It was thought that his family could then set sail to retrieve the leg.

The leg had travelled from Lydney to North Somerset. 

2024 - Lord Voldemort?

Earlier this year, a grandad had a magical moment on Weston beach when he discovered a rock that looks like Lord Voldemort.

Andy Yon noticed the resemblance while strolling along the front at Weston.

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News: The Lord Voldemort rock.The Lord Voldemort rock. (Image: SWNS)

Engineer Andy took the rock home to Reading, Berkshire, and said he's unbothered about having Voldemort's face nearby.

Speaking at the time, he said: "At first I thought it looked Neanderthal, but actually it's just like Lord Voldemort."