BURNHAM-on-Sea and Highbridge Town Councillors held a meeting with GWR on Friday, May 10 to discuss accessibility at the train station and concerns about the road bridge over the railway.

Councillors and the Senior Mentor for Accessibility from GWR walked the route which people with limited mobility are forced to take. 

Concerns raised included: 

  • No signage explaining what wheelchair users or young families can do to transfer to the other platform.
  • No crossing to get from the station across the road to walk up to the road bridge.
  • Narrow, uneven footpaths with vegetation impeding passage.
  • A dark footpath on the other side of the bridge to gain access to Platform 1. 
  • 400 metre walk to the other platform.

With regard to the bridge, it was clarified that Somerset Council are responsible for the road surface of the road bridge and the footbridge adjacent to the road bridge (not the one on the station platforms).

A further meeting to include Network Rail and Somerset Council will be held in June to explore the issues raised and to find solutions.

A spokesperson for the town council said: "It is important that the whole picture is looked at and works are completed in a cohesive and collaborative manner."