HOW has Burnham-on-Sea changed in the past 15 years?

Thanks to the archives of Google Street View, we can answer that question, and take a virtual walk along the seafront in the year 2009.

Beginning outside what is now B&M, the former Morrison's store remains, and over the road, beloved gift shop Toy Cupboard can be seen, which has stood the test of time and is still going strong 15 years on.

Turning right onto the Esplanade, Michael's Bar sits in the building currently home to The Iron Duke, alongside Sunspot Amusements, which has since been replaced by Showboat Amusements.

Moving further along the seafront, the old signage on the pier is still visible, and it's front entrance/foyer area has not yet been renovated. Outdoor ride-on attractions from the then extremely popular Thomas the Tank Engine, and Bob the Builder, can be seen outside.

Major changes have been made to Marine Cove Gardens since 2009, notably the green shelter buildings which have since been renovated with more aesthetic and open blue structures.