A DETERMINED Burnham girl is fighting back against the cyber bullies who posted vile taunts on a web page she created to raise awareness of disabilities.

A Facebook group set up by schoolgirl Lydia Williams, who has a young sister with Down Syndrome, was hijacked by anonymous bloggers who uploaded cruel photos poking fun at disability, and left sick jibes on the comments section.

Lydia, 15, and her mum Julie, were both left shocked and outraged and after saving the page as evidence, they reported the abuse to moderators and deleted the site.

The King's of Wessex student told the Weekly News: “I just wanted to spread a bit of hope and raise awareness of what it's like to live with a disabled relative.

“To start with the page was a success, however before long the site was targeted by ignorant people leaving nasty comments. It was so upsetting and made me really angry.”

Mum Julie said: “I find it appalling - Lydia wanted to use her experience to help others and it backfired in a big way.”

The abuse is too shocking for the Weekly News to print but Lydia is calling on others to report any similar on-line bullying immediately.

She said: “Someone has to take a stand and say this is wrong - these kind of comments need to be removed.”

Julie added: “Lydia is a determined soul and will fight this but I don't want her to become a target.

“It is the minority who are spreading these vicious attacks and something has to be done. I am very proud of my daughter and will support her all the way.”

LYDIA has created an online petition to raise awareness of internet abuse - click on the related link to sign up.